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The Oxford English dictionary defines soul as the “[e]motional or intellectual energy or intensity, especially as revealed in a work of art or an artistic performance.” As a graphic developer, artist, free thinking and creative entity, design is not just a career but is an extension of my soul. The start of a new project is the dawn of a new relationship. I’m not saying that hiring me will by any means make me your boyfriend, but you can treat me like a friend. My work, hobbies, interests and passions all collide in one action packed website. This is not just a portfolio, this is me.

I put my soul into every project and then I code it in gold.

About pages are so hard to write, especially about yourself. If you ask my family and friends to describe me, they would call me the Zack of all trades. Whether it is designing a website or logo, cooking a meal or D.I.Y.ing a shelving unit, the design process takes control of me and allows me to create. I become entranced.

Zack Taylor, Web + Graphic Designer

Zack of all Trades, Master of Creation

I am essentially a drag and drop tool. Although my areas of expertise were refined during my education at the Art Institute of Vancouver, I have a large knowledge base, and pick up most things with ease. With a brief tutorial, and some trial and error, I can quickly excel at most creative tasks.


Let’s face it, we live in a selfish age. I pride myself on never making any personal gain at the sacrifice of others. In fact, I strive to achieve the opposite. I will go out of my way to help anyone and believe that our society needs to begin looking out for one another and end the cycle of selfishness. A little consideration towards others can have a big impact on everyone!

Winning Personality

Equipped with a great sense of humour, and cheeks made for smiling, it’s hard not to catch the happy bug around me. That said, my contagiously cheery presence does not poorly affect my production in a team setting. If anything it helps keep up moral, and maintain a healthy work environment.

Occupational First Aid Level 2 Certified

Sure, it’s great being able to trust me with your graphics, but if an unfortunate circumstance were to arise, you could also trust me with your life. I have completed the O.F.A Lv 2 program at Saint John’s Ambulance, where I was properly trained in everything from basic first aid, to A.E.D devices, and preparing patients for rapid transport.
Magnum Pre-Workout Sample Satchets

Magnum Pre-Workout Sample Satchets



Tripleblack Automotive Detailing

Tripleblack Automotive Detailing

Tail Riders Crew Apparel

Tail Riders Crew Apparel

CRZ online

CRZ online

GHZ online webplayer

GHZ online webplayer

LostCoz Photoblog

LostCoz Photoblog

Seeing Is Believing

Progress is the definition of work.

A little time and dedication combined with skills and education can yield beautiful results. I’ve put in the time, and built the right skill sets so that I can be a one man creative wrecking crew.

You know the saying “feel good, look good”, well I feel good about my skills. However, I have always been of the mindset that looks aren’t everything. The beauty of almost everything in life is completely hidden behind the surface. The point of zedfx.ca is for you to see under my surface. I have set a lower opacity, and now you, the viewer, can enjoy a transparent glimpse at me and my work.











Mac & PC Proficient


Microsoft Office Suite


First Aid | O.F.A Lv. 2



Logged Design Hours


Milligrams of Caffeine
Book of the Month

The Punch Escrow – Tal M. Klein

Current Game of Choice

NHL 18 – PS4 – EA Sports

Netflix & Chill

The Punisher – Netflix Series – Marvel

Meal of the Week

Tobikko Sushi – Japanese – Fleetwood

Meme of the Week


Last Workout
45 min speed interval running

3 x 8 Reps heavy chest Press

3 x 8 Reps heavy bench Press

4 x 10 Reps medium weight fly press

3 x 5 Reps pullups

Latest Woodworking

Not your average signing book!

Most Recent Destination

Ocean Coral & Turquesa, Riviera Maya, Mexico

Life is about enjoyment.

Here are a few of my hobbies and interests.

Exercise & Adventure

Although physical activity is not on the top of my list for lazy days, I enjoy frequently visiting the gym. If the weather is nice, I am always up for a an adventure to one of our many local beautiful parks and trails.


Weather permitting, every weekend I like to spend time planting and maintaining my garden. I find it rewarding and relaxing, with the final product being aesthetically pleasing.


This is the ability to capture a single moment, for eternity. Photography is one of my favourite pass times. I particularly enjoy night-time shooting, where I can open my aperture, set up my tripod and let the evening lights do the work.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Amongst novels & cinema, from U.F.O’s to Bigfoot, no genre entices me more. I love the idea of space and the infinite. My absolute favourite sub-genre of Sci-Fi is that of the time travel.


Music is life. I have been a musician since grade school. It first started with guitar, then bass, and vocals. These days you will mostly find me tickling the sweet 88 key ivories. It’s safe to say I wouldn’t survive without my keyboard & Spotify account.


My grandfather was a carpenter. It’s in my blood. No final project is as satisfying as one built with you bare hands from scratch.

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